Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archive 7.5: Needed updates to the council

Dear Compatriots:
It has been a long time since we have met; the forces around us have caused meetings to be too risky. It is good to see all of you again.
Another dog has been added to the household downstairs. It is a ‘sweet puppy’ now, but its people plan to breed it, which can only cause turmoil for our loyal citizenry. As it is, the most loyal and faithful of our denizens (known as the yard cats) have lengthened the time between reports.
Not another word or report of Regina has come in; it seems she must be added to the roll of those who have given all for the sake of the princess.
I am sorry to report that recent health conditions, and treatment of same, have required me to be absent more than is best for the kingdom. Hopefully, with the treatments, I will be able to resume my duties soon. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation of all your efforts to fill my absense. The kingdom could not be in better hands.
In attempting to think of gifts to amuse HRH, a birdfeeder has frequently been suggested, but the danger of opening ourselves up to attack has been enough to outweigh the entertainment value. General Boopsie Bear has reported on the efficacy of the ‘Yankee Spinner’ and it may be that this would meet both demands for entertainment and security. Much thanks to the General for his report and for the gracious Queen Miss Katt for allowing this report.
Scout Ringo has recently returned from his travels in time to settle in with the rest of the kingdom for the winter months and has promised not only reconnaisance reports, but a fine new collection of adventure stories with which to entertain the members of the royal household. Her interest has been piqued and we look forward to wintry fun.
I myself have discovered the benefits of sitting in an armchair with ottoman vs lying on couch and, in her beneficent manner, Princess Treasure has willingly adapted to the change. She notes the advantage of being able to walk on the back of the chair, rubbing up against the PMs head and being able to choose from a wider variety of positions when resting.
Until our next meeting, I remain,
PM Neora Warmlapp

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