Thursday, April 7, 2011

Archive 0.5: Ringo Raps

I keep on meandering with Neora.  Don’t know why I stick around.
Ran away to join the circus cuz people said I was good at acrobatics back when I was a kit.  My mom taught me how to keep clean and wash things and grass helped with that.  I ended up in a place with no creeks and little grass.  It’s hard to stay clean in a dusty, dirty environment,  so I got used to it.  Forgot how it was when I was little.
I kept looking for the circus and I saw it advertised, but never made it there before they had packed up and moved on.  Tried to keep on exercising, but sometimes I’d be too hungry or tired from trying to find food to do it.  Because people were kicking me all the time, I finally started living on top of the parking meter where Neora found me.
Sometimes I live in her car–which is, admittedly, warmer than the parking meter.  She’s introduced me to some people on her travels and taken me to some silly things like the bears’ tea party.  Sometimes she sticks me in her purse and then I really get to cruise ’round.
I guess taking a swim once in a while is worth putting up with.

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