Tuesday, May 10, 2011

World Events

The Prime Minister and I have been consulting about recent world events.  There are many irrational things about the human world I do not understand.

The royal wedding, for instance.  It was lovely as such things go.  I liked the dress the new Duchess wore.  It was elegant and modest, necessary qualities in royal dress.  It also sounds as if the lace was full of symbols with a lot of meaning in regards to her new position as Princess and one-day Queen.

I guess many human beans think that mating is for life and this is why they can get all swoony and make such a big fuss about the 'first time'.  We in the cat world do not understand this.  We understand that desires come upon those us who have not experienced The Traumatic Event and that such desires can be sated, but we do not fool ourselves that mating lasts for life.  Many humans seem to get hurt when they realize this is true.  It hurts them and their kits.

But it took a long time for the PM to understand my point of view and I don't know if many other humans will.

The other big event was the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  This has been very puzzling for me; first of all, any good cat queen would not have let him live as soon as she realized something was wrong with him.  When he became a terrorist, any good cat would have put him down as quickly as possible.  We understand that some are born not right and cannot be allowed to live.  I admired President Obama's take on this; bin Laden was evil and needed to be taken care of.  When the occasion arose, the President gave the order and the job was done.  Justice was served.

Some humans say that he was wrong; there should have been a trial, he should have had to face his victim's family, he could have been jailed.  The fact is, is that he was more of a danger to this world, kitties included, alive than dead.   With all the technology humans have invented, there was still no way to sequester bin Laden.   Get over it; President Obama and his men acted like cats, more power to them.

The PM says she agrees that he could not be sequestered and still wishes that the assassination was not necessary.  I guess humans and kitties will never completely understand each other, but  I still love her.


  1. Your Highness, Of course that nice Human could put as much satin and lace on herself as she wanted, but you know she could never hold a candle to our furz!! Silly Humans with all their thoughts about "furever."
    As far as OBL, I think his demise was a fine thing. One less troublesome Human in the world for us to worry about. The Human also approved of his departure from this earth.

    We think you and the PM might get a little lol from this:


  2. Very interesting - M says she agrees with you 100%, whatever that is.

  3. Princess Treasure..you aere furry wise. Furry. And youy have your PM honed to a razor sharp edge. I hope I get invited to the next pawty, along with my Escort.

  4. My previous comment got gobbled by blogger. Your thoughts on the "mating for life" vs not are spot on. Mom says that though she feels squeamish about OBL being "assassinated", it was probably necessary to prevent any chance of escape alive. Of course his momcat should have tossed him out of the nest early on, as you say.

  5. Hi Princess! Just dropping by to say hello. I hope Blogger did not eat you ;-)