Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archive 7.2: Updates

The Boopsie Patrol:
It appears, from correspondence received from PM Carol Cattservant, that Gen. Boopsie Bear is leading the guerilla warriors to brilliantly assist Queen Miss Catt’s forces to a victory against the ALF.  It is hoped that this victory will demonstrate to the AU the need for negotiations and mutual respect.  After a tickerberry parade, General Boopsie Bear will be awarded his fifth walnut, the highest rank in the Capitol Drive Realm.  Princess Treasure is indeed gratified.
She also awards Agent BlackJack the Silver Lion’s Paw for his sage advice and consultations of a fortnight ago.  This is the highest award in the Realm of Capitol Drive to be given to a cat not of the realm.  The award is accompanied by 25 filleted minnows, prepared lovingly by citizen Regina (wethinks perhaps Regina is taken with Agent Blackjack). Private First Cat Bougaloo has volunteered to deliver the award, perhaps with the intent of settling who wil be Regina’s partner.
Diplomat Scout Ringo:
Buddy Bunny, freelance scout and messenger currently on the payroll of the Capitol Drive Diplomatic Corp,  reports that Scout Ringo was given a ride across a great water by a blue heron.  After consulting with a member of the FumbleThumb clan of raccoons, who graciously shared his overnight accomodations in a tree trunk, Scout Ringo washed some berries for his rations. At last report, Ringo has run the fence along the perimeter of Happylands and is due to arrive in the Land of Happenstance in approximately 18 hours, if there are no setbacks.

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