Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winter Days

This is me several years ago; Dante's Mommy said there are not enough pictures of me here, so I gave the PM a stern talking to. Here I am planning my attack on a string from the blinds, a girl must be ready to defend her honor at a moment's notice, you know!
The PM has been having a rough time; week before she had one client die, had to listen to another one call her a liar for an hour at a state hearing, had to listen to another one with dementia insult her when they were trying to get out of the program she works in and another one ended up in jail after beating up his caregiver.
She took Monday off for her birthday and had a nice lunch with a friend. She had a crabcake and brought some home to share. That was good.
The next day, she visited a client with a co-worker and fell when she was leaving their house. She went to the human vet and found out she had arthritis in her knee. The vet is not sure that is all that is wrong, so she has to use a cane for now. She did find one with pink roses--and it was even on sale--so it's not as bad as it could have been.
Needless to say, this throws a crimp in our plans. However, since I am bored and need something to preoccupy myself with, we are going to have a wedding for the Admiral and Nikita. Since they had the audacity to elope, none of us got to celebrate with them. So, Admiral and Nikita, next Sunday?
And Sir Spitfire, this is required attendance!
Maybe we can get much of the same crowd from the adoption and the summer picnic--and, of course, The Ladies of Autumn. So, Dante, Daisy, Harley, Mario, Simba, Audrey and Spitfire, are you ready to rock and roll?


  1. I recall reading in the Admiral's Journal how impressive it was to see everyone there. She and Nikita were honored greatly and Sir Spitfire was on his best Court behavior as he was casually courting Admiral but did not plight her his troth to her so she say "aye aye" to Nikita and they sailed away to a quaint Cat Chapel and were married that day.

  2. That is a fantastic shot of you, Princess! The best I have ever seen. You may be an, ahem, "older woman," but you still got it going on, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

    Oops! Sorry. I got carried away again, didn't I?