Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chief Petticoat Officer!

We have received the most exciting communication from Princess Coco the Most Adorable; we had all been feeling bereft of the Admiral's presence and were saddened to think that our voyaging days were over.  Imagine our pleasure at receiving the following transmission:

Dear Princess Treasure et al,

I wanted you to know why I have not redeemed my ticket from Heron Express.  The Admiral and I had been preparing a surprise for you and I have been able to finish it on my own:  I am the Chief Petticoat Officer for the HRM SS. Extra Helping!  We will be able to continue all naval adventures and peace-time cruises.  Because of this, I am suggesting that we cruise down to visit the Countess Katie Isabella rather than all convening near her house.  I'm betting Simba and Audrey will be happy to join us, although I am not so sure about Sir Spitfire. 

Have you considered Sir Simba?

Princess Coco


  1. I think Sir Spitfire would love to go. He is the one who alreted us to the upcoming visit. I will be sure to remind him unless HRH Treasure does so first.

    How exciting a venture that Princess Coco the Most Adorable and the Admiral had planned this wonderful surprise and I know she would be most pleased to know it came to fruition. To be the Chief Petticoat Officer of THE HRM SS Extra Helping...that is an signal honor, Princess. Even for a Royal as you.

    With all due Regard and Respect, I remain

    Countess Kathryn Isabella

  2. Sir Simba and Lady Audrey would be delighted to partake in this wonderful cruise on HRM SS Extra Helping that Princess Coco has been able to arrange to visit Countess Katie Isabella. We await further instructions!

  3. Well, DUH! OF course Sir Spitfire (aka His Royal Majesty) will be joining in this delightful enterprise. Since his Human is currently at "work" (whatever THAT is), he will respond more fully this evening.

  4. Well, FINALLY my Human servant returned from whatever it is she spends her days doing instead of waiting on ME hand and paw!!
    I was thrilled to hear the SS Extra Helping has been brought out of dry dock to voyage again.

    I eagerly await further nooz of time and place.