Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Home again, Home again

As you remember, the last time we heard from our little sortie, they were napping in sunpuddles after feasting at the picnic.  The SS Extra Helping had been scheduled to leave that night, but due to grogginess on the part of the crew, departure was delayed until the next morning.

That evening at dusk saw the appearance of a ragged remnant of the Acorn Liberation Front, attacking the birdfeeders in the Countess' TV.  A quick raid involving General Boopsie Bear, Agent Blackjack and our fearless Knights dispatched them summarily.  Their tails were taken as trophies and sailed as pennants from masts of our lovely ship. 

Fires were lit and songs were composed in honor of our brave heroes.  Mario, who has a surprisingly deep bass, had the most courtly way with words and was summarily appointed Court Musician by Princess Treasure.  Congratulations, Mario!

The skies were full of shooting stars and Audrey could not resist trying to catch a few.  Eventually the flames turned into embers and conversation became quiet.

The next morning arrived with a glorious blue sky.  After a farewell Continental Breakfast of poached salmon garnished with pickled voles tails, we reluctantly bid good-bye to the loving and loyal Countess. Promises of future meetings were exchanged.  As a token of the journey, everyone was presented with a ruby paw-ring.

The wind was with our little crew and they speedily arrived back at the Realm of Capitol Drive.  Many citizens and allies, including several members of the Ladies of Autumn, were on hand to greet the Princesses with a round of 'For They are Jolly Good Royals' and cheers.  Mousepops were served to all present to commemorate the day.


  1. Simba was so glad to dispatch those ALF members and proudly fly the tails as pennants. Audrey is still chasing shooting starts in her dreams. And OH how delicious those pickled vole tails were! Tank you for a wonderful voyage and visit.

  2. Countess Kathryn Isabella was deeply honored to have such distinguished visitors and Courtiers. A signal honor and deeply appreciated. Two such distinguished Princesses and such beauty and generosity. It will be sung of in the Countess's Courts forever more.

    Many thank yous for the jar of pickled Vole tails left for the Countess and her delectation.

    She apologises for the delay in commenting to the Royal Highnesses, but duties here at the Home Mansion called in a most strident way.

    Regards and Felicitations, I remain

    PM to Countess Kathryn Isabella

  3. I, Sir Spitfire, add my deepest thanks to the Countess's. I too apologize for the delay in posting--I'm afraid I have been napping for the past 96 hours.

    The combination of the open air, the most excellent rich fudz, the company of so many stunning LadyCats, and the unaccustomed outdoor activity (I will miss the excitement of the Hunt) left me quite exhausted!

    Her Royal Highness Princess Treasure and Princess Coco the Most Adorable really outdid themselves in organizing and reigning over this Memorable Event.

    I look forward to the next sailing of the SS Extra Helping.

    By the way, did anyone find my feathered cap? I think I left it in the Countess's meadow, or perhaps Lady Audrey picked it up as a reminder of me?