Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And They're Off!

Frannie Floof here reporting on last night's bon voyage to Princess Treasure and all other travellers on the SS Extra Helping.  As previously noted, Princess Coco the Most Adorable, being Chief Petticoat Officer of the yacht, has been able to bring it out of retirement and a royal expedition is being made to provide official Royal Greetings and Welcomes to the Countess Kathryn Isabella, another member of the august Sphynx Clan.

Princess Coco's arrival was greeted by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo, General Boopsie Bear, Sir Spitfire (with feather sadly drooping following unauthorized festivities--where is your impulse control, Spitty?), Sir Simba and Lady Audrey, Mario and the Prime Minister.  She was escorted off the yacht while the crew was joined by maintenance and catering workers from teh Realm to prepare her for the voyage.

All were greeted by the Princess Treasure, gracefully ensconced on the new throne.  Minions passed quail egg benedict and catnip sodas to all.  A Proclamation declaring May 15th to be 'New Vistas' day was read.  During this time, Dante arrived and was greeted warmly by all.

After several minutes of the figure 8 minuet and a new rendering of 'Nip for Two' prepared by Sir Simba and Lady Audrey, all proceeded to the vessel where an attentive crew showed each person to their quarters. 

Later that night, all feasted on hummingbird's tongue salad, roasted shrew brisket and catnip tarts.  Niptinis were passed under the clear, starry sky.

Anxiously awaiting further developments!


  1. It was so exciting being a part of this esteemed welcoming committee Can't wait to perform my duties tomorrow.

  2. PM in service to Countess Kathryn Isabella here. Hear Ye:

    The Countess is most anxious to see the assembled Distinguished Party who are enroute even now and she has caused to be prepared feastings and drink for all to enjoy while they visit in order to welcome her with these Royal Greetings.

    This benevolent Courtly Welcome to Countess Kathryn Isabella of the august Sphynx Clan brings delight and honor upon her House of Sphynx.

    The Countess Kathryn is looking forward to seeing how Princess Coco The Adorable has grown and progressed in her Royal duties, and to meet HRH Princess Treasure. Admiral Hestorb had myriad compliments and glowing stories to tell regarding her sails to HRH Princess Treasure's Domain. The time is passing quickly and the entourage will arrive before long.

  3. The feast was just wonderful and the wonderful starry night ......
    We are so excited to be meeting Countess Kathryn Isabella at last.

  4. Well, my Esteemed Fellow Passengers on the SS Extra Helping, Sir Spitty would like to apologize for his rather tardy and bedraggled arrival following the unauthorized pre-voyage festivities. He thinks his fine feathered cap is placed correctly on his Furry Head now.

    So delighted to bow down before HRH and also The Princess Coco the Adorable, who is turning into quite the foxy.... Oops! Sorry, I got a little carried away with myself there for a moment. Sorry, Princess Coco.

    My, how wonderful to sip a Niptini with Lady Audrey, who is really phenomenally beauti--Oops, sorry! There I go again.

    And Countess! How lovely to see you again, especially since your PM has carelessly broken the essential machine that documents each moment of your loveliness! You too are looking almost good enough to--Oops! Strike 3!

    Sorry, Your Royal Highness, I just keep losing control of mysel fin the presence of all these beauteous ladies. Why, even you, yourself.... But no, I shall have another Mouse Tart and content myself with silent contemplation of my shipmates!

    And oh, Ringo, Simba, Mario? Yeah, Hi guys.