Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Official

HRH Princess Treasure
cordially invites one and all
Princess Coco the Most Adorable's
inaugural voyage of
the SS Extra Helping.

Departing May 15
from the pier in the Realm
at sundown.


  1. How exciting!!! I hope Simba's Mom is back from her trip.

  2. Simba and Audrey will definitely be there! The Mom will not be back from her trip, but they have her permission to attend.

  3. Well, you know *I* will be there too! My Darling Admiral whispered to me just last night that she fully endorses this cruise and she and her sweet companion, Mr. Teeth, will be watching with interest from the Bridge.

  4. HRH Treasure and Princess Coco the Adorable, I have relayed your kind message to Mariodacat.

  5. Katie indeed did relay your very kind message to attend your pawty. I'll be honored and delighted to accept your gracious invitation and will look forward to the occasion with anticipation.