Monday, May 14, 2012

Princess Coco's Arrival

The Prime Minister has just received word that the SS Extra Helping has docked at the pier; anchor has been weighed.  All maintenance staff has reported to duty to prepare the yacht to carry HRH Princess Treasure.

Princess Coco the Most Adorable lived up to her name in a white on white embroidered dimity dress and her favorite moonstone collar.  She was ably assisted by Agent Blackjack, that jack of all trades, who looked smart in his aqua wellingtons as he is most plagued by pneumonia from toe-dampness.

We have received word from Sir Spitfire that he will be reporting for duty and from Mario, Sir Simba and Lady Audrey that they will be able to attend.

Let the festivities commence!


  1. Yes, we have arrived! We await the arrival of Sir Spitfire, and Mario. Then there will be great festivities!
    Sir Simba and Lady Audrey

  2. Here I am! I'm just the teensiest bit hung over from Oui-Oui's Big Pawty, but I think I am ready to board! Where is Katie Isabella???

    I await further orders.

    Sir Spitfire (temporarily laying aside his Kingly Crown)

  3. Don't pull up anchor yet! Dante's on his way to join you all. Bon voyage!

  4. I am eagerly awaiting this august entourage.

    Countess Kathryn Isabella

  5. PM...would you like for me to be rowed out to meet all of you on the SS Extra Helping? I can command my PM to do such.