Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poop Deck Picnic

The next morning arrived bright, with a mild breeze.  All agreed it was a fine day to munch on frogs legs during a poop deck picnic.  Dante and Sir Spitfire (who has secretly pledged to reform his ways) accompanied the Princess Coco to the yacht to snoopervise the firing up of the grill.  Mario accompanied them, promising a special marinade and sauce for the legs.

While all three were assisting in these chores, Princess Coco consulted with First Mate Cheezit and Quartermaster Scruffy.  There had been no sightings of nefarious dogs.  Revolting squirrels had wisely avoided the perimeter of the Realm of The Glen.  Today's weather offered smooth sailing, if Princess Treasure were to decide to cast off.

Soon, all were gathered on the deck partaking of this fine, but casual repast; HRH the Princess Treasure had cast so much formality aside that she even picked up a leg with her claws!  When silence fell across the group at this, she noted how close she felt to everyone and that she hoped everyone would put aside court manners for the afternoon.  After a short, stunned silence, a cheer erupted.  Hats were tossed in the air and Spitty was seen chasing Audrey around the stern.

The meal completed, and formal attire set aside, everyone found their favorite sunpuddle and settled down to let lunch digest.


  1. What a great picnic it was too. My shrimp sauce seemed to be a hit too. We had a great time. Would have been a purfect evening to set sail.

  2. See? I'm a good boy I am! And as for chasing Lady Audrey, well, we just needed a little exercise after that fine repast. Yeah, that's it!

    I was most gratified to see HRH let her furz down a bit and really dig into those legs--they were exquisitely prepared and tasted especially delicious in the open air, ne-c'est pas?

    I was kind of hoping for a revolting squirrel sighting so that Simba and I could get in a little hunting, but perhaps it is just as well. Wouldn't want to distress the ladies!

    This has been a most gratifying weekend cruise and I definitely enjoyed sharing a platform with Katie Isabella on her new tower! Oopsie--maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that?

  3. Sir Spitfire...Gentle Mancats never tell. A word to the wise indeed.

  4. The picnic was a great event. After the formality of dinner in the Glen, it was enjoyable to have a more casual event. Those frogs legs were divine! Now Spitty, Lady Audrey says she hears you are already pining for Caroline. You sure DO have a lady in every port!