Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sailing, Sailing.....

From the Princess Treasure's Diary:

Finally we are off!  I have really been so intrigued by the reports of I have heard of the Countess' vivacity that it is good to be on the way.  It is too bad our start was delayed by bad weather.

Sir Spitfire seems to have forgotten any military discipline he knows; it is amazing that a rookie like Sir Simba is setting the better example.  What shall We do with our Spitty?  Lord knows he is entertaining enough.  However, I will not have Coco subjected to such blatant flirtation.

Now, Mario, Simba and Dante, there are some fine gentlemen.....Simba has learned when he can go that extra bit (like stealing the kiss from Queen Miss Catt), Mario's bashfullness ensures appropriate behavior and Dante has a naturally regal and reserved personality.  We are very satisfied and amused by their genteel ways.

Lady Audrey is a most pleasant companion and has helped to while away the hours when we were in drydock yesterday.

The Countess has asked if she should row out to meet us; I think it better that we proceed the way planned and have the first meeting on land.  It would be a shame if she also succumbed to seasickness!

Through Happylands and passing through Happenstance now.  I am glad Coco could plan a rout to avoid the Hinterlands.  The Misstep River is pleasant this time of year.


  1. Sorry I missed being on deck for the sailing, but I accidentally got locked in the storage unit for the life boats as the hands on deck were loading the cargo of food. They just rescued me today by unlocking the cold storage. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the passage.

  2. I have been requested to inform you that The Emporer Of The Universe (along with any bits that aren't included in that) Maximus (Wriggly Kitty) Spittimus likes your blog enormously - well he'd better...I've just spent 20 minutes reading it to him - and he will return on a regular basis.

    He is, however, unsure what 'sailing' is and is slightly alarmed that it may include water....

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp
    Maximus Spittimus
    Glorious Emporer Of All He Surveys (and anything that he doesn't...with the possible exception of water)

  3. Lady Audrey and I are so happy to be a part of this wonderful voyage and enjoying it immensely. The scenery is spectacular and the company superb.

  4. The Countess-- anticipating the arrival any moment has caused many many soft quilts made from silk filled with soft dandelion fluff to be laid in an inviting glen where butterflies and birds do fly for entertainment and catching. These, Countess Kathryn Isabella hopes will comfort sail-weary kitties once they reach land and debark in Countess Kathryn's Realm.

    The fires are roaring, and fresh caught meat is roasting on spits made from hickory and the air is filling with succulent fragrances.

    The finely woven linens and silver peridot studded bowls laid out for the feastings are from the Countesses own private homes. (Peridot signifies her regal green eyes I am told). She has overseen all the placement and she has caused gifts to be laid next to each bowl for her guests to take back with them. They are all the same, hand crafted gold likenesses of Bas. The exception to that are two others made especially to honor their Royal Highnesses, Princesses Treasure and Princess Coco, the Adorable. Their gifts of gold are also inlayed with blue lapis and perfect diamonds for accent.

    All is in readiness.

  5. Sir Spitfire wishes to lodge a formal complaint with the management of this fine sailing ship! He alleges he has been unfairly maligned as a "flirt" who "lacks discipline." Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Why, just ask Katie, or Audrey, or Nellie, or CK, or Star, or Caroline or Salem or The Baby or-- Wait--what? Oh.

    Nevermind all that! Now, about this undisciplined thing. NoKitty has more discipline than Sir Spitfire! Why, he gets up early efurry morning and eats his breakfast and then he promptly goes back to sleep. And then he wakes up for a bit, and then has his mid-morning nap! And then he gets up and has a good snack before returning to his --wait again? What? Oh, "discipline"; I thought you said "decadence"! Well, once again, Nevermind!

    My, I am enjoying this fine sea breeze! I think I've worked myself up to a good nap! Perhaps one of you fine ladycats would care to join me? I have brought the Royal Pink Beddy--there's room for everyone XOXOXO