Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Glen

Certainly Katie Isabella could not have chosen a lovelier location than the Glen for our dinner that night!  This magical copse in the woods near her castle delicately allowed streamers of sunset light to color the atmosphere, rays bouncing off the multi-colored wildflowers.  Hummingbirds, wrens, finches and other birds provided a living, darting ceiling of color and song.  Lovely yellow butterflies and blue ones drifted from flower to flower.

Never has such comfort been experienced as on the dandelion-fluff filled quilts.  The table settings were impeccable, since peridot is flattering to any kitty, as is known the world over.  Roasted leg of vole and breast of dove were delectable, perhaps even more so due to the splendor of the setting and grace of the service.

Special mention must be made of the favors-the delightful gold castings of Bas made from Egyptian-era molds.  So lifelike, so real, and so much in the image of Princess Treasure, further proof of her nobility.

After a gracious and modest welcome to The Land of The Glen, the Countess heard the proclamation written by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo and denounced by Dante.  It notes her to be a worthy heir to the Admiral and a Southern lady replete with all feline social graces.  She gently accepted a continuance of the alliance formed with the Admiral and expressed her gratitude for the favors extended to her by all to date.

Following this, the Countess led all on a tour of her governance, including the Glen, th e neighboring meadow policed by Agent Blackjack and her castle, including the new cat tree she has been gifted with.  All found a place to snuggle so the night hours could be wiled away counting hummingbirds.


  1. Katie Isabella did indeed choose a wonderful spot in the Glen. She is also a fine southern lady with just enough spunk in her to make her delightful.

  2. I was honored to have all my guests and the Proclamation read to me was so fine as to bring the spark of tears to my eyes. What a joyous time. Thank you again.

    The feast was prepared and served with love and gratitude, and to honor my guests. Thank you so much for the visit. The Admiral would have been proud knowing this had occured. She spoke often of her friendships and relationship with all in the Realm of Capitol Drive.

  3. What a wonderful time we had. Why could we not stay longer? However the journey back will be most pleasant as well.