Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Days

First off, I wish to say 'Happy Thanksgiving' to everyone. I hope you all had a restful, yet exciting day full of family and fowl. In the Realm, we celebrated with a capon, which none of us had before. It was very good, although the PM complained about the $3/lb cost. You should have seen the size of the neckbone! That was my special treat.
We ended up having it yesterday as it did not thaw in time for Thursday.
The PM has a new computer and she is not totally comfortable with it yet. She has been uploading a lot of older pictures on it. We both like this one of me very much; well I was going to share one with you, but she says the computer is not cooperating.
Anyway, everything has been quiet lately. The PM is being a couch potato homebody. Her words, not mine. I have enjoyed this as it has meant some cuddling

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