Saturday, May 19, 2012


After the frog hunt, it was time to prepare for meeting the Countess who is the reason for our voyage.  All went below deck to groom furs and to prepare evening finery. 

The crew weighed anchor at the end of Frogamore Creek, just a few feet from land.  Dingys were prepared for lowering into the water.  Finally, the entourage was on deck.

In the first boat went Mario, Dante, Agent Blackjack and General Boopsie Bear.  Upon arrival at the landing, Mario and Dante, in ceremonial moss green sashes, pulled their kazoos and let forth a peal of blasts to announce the Princess' arrival.  Agent Blackjack and General Boopsie Bear, both in dress military uniform, made a ceremonial turn around the landing with penants in hand.

The second boat bore Sirs Spitfire and Simba with Lady Audrey.  Upon landing, and after assisting Lady Audrey to land, Sirs Simba and Spitfire bore standards to the far end of the landing.  Both were most dashing in the court helmets of bronze accented by chrysomalechite.  Lady Audrey paraded down the landing in a teal gown, wearing a collar of iolite.  She tossed daisy petals in her wake.

The final boat carried Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo wearing all medals on his formal evening attire.  Princess Coco was innocence herself in pink dotted swiss and her beloved moonstone collar.  Princess Treasure appeared regal in gold brocade adorned with pearls.

As the boat was tied to dock, Countess Isabella, resplendent in red, awaited at attention at the entrance to the landing.  Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo handed up both Princesses, who paraded down the runway arm in arm.  Upon reaching the halfway mark, they paused to allow the Countess to approach them.  As she did, Sir Ringo read from the family tree to demonstrate the Countess' membership in the Sphynx Clan and cousinship to the Princesses.  Finally, Princess Coco presented the Countess with a garnet drop collar as a momento of the occasion while Princess Treasure graciously received the Countess' curtsey.  Hurrahs burst forth from all attendants as Princess Treasure bestowed a nose tap on the Countess.

With this, it was onto the banquet prepared most ably by Countess Katie and her able staff.

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