Friday, May 18, 2012

Here ye! Here ye!

HRH Princess Coco's voyage had been proceeding expeditiously but with all innate feline reserve about water.

Agent Blackjack continues to wear his wellies, the aqua color of which does set off his black furs enticingly.  He has been conferring with General Boopsie Bear regarding the status of the Acorn Liberation Front, to which General had sent much support when revolution broke out several years ago.  Agent Blackjack has been able to report that most cells have been forcibly disbanded and 8 of 10 ringleaders apprehended.

Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo has been preparing a proclamation to be read upon arrival.

Sirs Spitfire and Simba have been running drills with Quartermaster Scruffy to ensure they will be 'in synch' during ritual maneuvers and quick to draw their swords if needed to protect Their Royal Highnesses.

Lady Audrey, Mario and Dante have been indulging in some cat piles and have been joined by everyone during their breaks.

Princess Treasure has had a private audience with each person on board, from the lowest matey to swab the decks to HRH Princess Coco the Most Adorable.  She had heard cases and made the wise, judicious decisions for which she has become legendary. She has also received pleasing tribute.

After travelling through Happylands and Happenstance via the River Misstep, the ship has now turned the (tributary corner) to the Pecan Delta and is proceeding up the Frogamore Creek.  It is expected they will land at Countess Katie Isabella's pier at sundown tonight.  This afternoon's entertainment will be a contest to see who can catch the most frogs for the creek with a planned frogslegs luncheon upon the yacht tomorrow.

News of the Countess' plans for our arrival sound most auspicious!


  1. Though we are not speaking a lot about our experience because of busyness on the part of our typist, be aware that we are thoroughly enjoying the cruse and look forward to our arrival at the Countess' pier.

  2. Good evening to all & sundry!

    Sir Spitfire's Private Secretary is unfortunately otherwise occupied this evening but will write a full report tomorrow morning. He is Not Pleased with this poor service from his employee, but good help is hard to find so he must be patient!

    He has had a wonderful and exciting day! More to come.

  3. The feasts are ready for the assemblage. Cooked to purrfection and served withthe beauty befitting royalty and for the furriends who sailed with them.

  4. Good morning, Your Highnesses and all and sundry! Sir Spitfire is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning as he reports for duty, ready for whatever complex maneuvers he and Simba may be required to execute in defense of their Royal Highnesses or any other endangered species, so to speak (well, except for those that are part of the menu, that is).

    I see the Countess has prepared a fine repast, to be followed by the traditional games of skill. Sir Spitfire has every confidence he will prevail in contests of speed and agility. He thinks Simba might be able to just sit on him in a contest of strength though. Still, he has hopes that the admiration and approval of Lady Audrey, the Countess and their Royal Highnesses might lend him extra determination.

    Let the games begin!