Saturday, May 19, 2012

Frogs a-hopping

Hello, this is Maxie Manx reporting the results of the frog catching contest held in Frogamore Creek this afternoon.

It was an exciting day held in perfect conditions for such a contest; the air was dry, but the recent rains left plenty of mud to track the frogs.  Indeed, the mud was sticky enough to trap some frogs, adding a slight fillip to the proceedings.

Signed up for the race were both Knights, Mario, Dante and Lady Audrey.  Lady Audrey was in the number one position at the Gate, extending out were Mario, Sir Spitfire, Dante and Sir Simba.  The bell was rung by Princess Coco and they were off!

In the lead was Mario, followed closely by Lady Audrey and Dante  Sirs Simba and Spitfire appear to be a bit weighted down by their gear.  We shall see if they can turn this into an advantage.

At the first turn Lady Audrey spots a frog and takes it down handily.  Dante finds the head of the clan, a fine looking specimen, and takes off after it.  Mario does a two for one, bringing first one down, then somersaulting to catch a second one in pre-hop position.

Sir Spitfire finds a frog hiding in the end of a log and uses the tip of his sword to flip it into the air before catching it on the end of same sword. Not to be outdone, Sir Simba racks up three frogs on the same arrow, an amazing feat of archery.

Now they are all past the halfway point.    Sir Spitfire appears to be reforming and focusses his energy on using his mace to stun a half-dozen frogs before scooping them into his creel--he just avoided landing in the soup that time!  Sir Simba continues to bring in frogs with each arrow.  Mario repeats his two for one while Lady Audrey brings down a sweet trio with a tail flick sweet to behold.  And finally, Dante continues to bring down the jumbo sized delights that may be too much for the others to handle.

They've all passed the finish line now and it is time for the judges to assess the catch.

 Results are being announced now:  Lady Audrey wins best maneuver for the invention of her tidy little tail flick good for three frogs.  Mario's two for one somersault wins steadiest maneuver for his consistent results.  Dante wins for heaviest catch recorded while Sir Simba receives the Finn McCool medal for archery.  But our champion is Sir Spitfire for risking wet toes in bringing down 6 frogs simultaneously.


  1. Well, I am gobsmacked to have triumphed in this arduous test of skill and agility! ::scuffs one damp paw over another::

    Perhaps being somewhat abashed over my tardy arrival and unkempt appearance the other evening spurred me on to extra efforts today! Cheers to all my fine competitors!

    I will save the choicest morsels for their Highnesses of course.

  2. The frog hopping was especially exciting for Audrey, who had been practicing her technique by laying in wait for birds swooping over her "deck". What a thrill to be successful with the frogs! Sir Simba always has had a more mellow approach to everything, so he has not gotten worked up about his great success, although quietly to himself he is thrilled with his catches and his medal.

  3. Oh, and may we ask, will we be nibbling on the frogs legs as part of our repast? Perhaps that is up to the Countess and her plans?