Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My PM is under the weather.

My beloved PM is under the weather; the stress of recent events (as well as allergy season) is catching up with her.

Between being pooped on by pigeons, being kicked in the head at the swimming pool and close encounters with woofies, she ended up feeling so bad that she came home after her first appointment of the day yesterday.  She read and napped on the couch and I cuddled with her alot.  She felt enough better that she went to work today.

But she is threatening to relapse.  When she got to work, one of her shoes had ripped open at the sole and it turned out her skirt had pigeon poop on it from last week.  Luckily she did not have to see clients today!  MOL!

My PM has tough times occasionally between her health problems and job stress.  This is one of them.  So, if she does not blog as often, please understand.  She is taking care of me first.


  1. My pm sends love and hugs and I send purrs. We go back a long way and we're on your side(s) xoxo We'll be here.

  2. I am sorry to hear of the PM's troubles. That pigeon must have had a very, ahem, LARGE meal before he so rudely pooped on the PM. Poor dear (PM, not the pigeon).

    My Human is currently experiencing a similarly stressful period at her "job" (I put it in " " because her REAL job is taking care of ME.

    We trust you will take excellent care of the PM (and vice-versa)!

  3. I have just read the previous post, and this one. My Mom says she totally sympathizes with your PM about the dogs and the poop. My Mom would still be really stewing about both those things. Hoping the nasties are behind you both for a long time.

  4. Just dropping by to pay my respects to Your Highness and check in on the P.M.

    My Human has been all but useless this week, but it is like this at the end of every school year and then after graduation it perks up again. Sigh. **I** should ALWAYS come first.