Sunday, May 22, 2011

This and That--another diary entry.

The Prime Minister is almost over whatever was ailing her; very few coughs anymore and she went swimming today. She took a new dress to change into and had to breeze through the house quickly after swimming to change from a shrug over it to a cami under it due to the way the bodice is.  (The PM does not like to try clothes on in the store, so she sometimes does not know exactly how things will go together the first time she wears them.)

We have been having warmer weather and alot of trees are blossoming, which is part of why the PM has been sick.  It also means that the birdies are out singing alot more often, so TV is much better.  It also means that I can go make my morning inspection of the courtyard much more often.  The PM likes how I smell after being outdoors, although she wishes I would purge grass outside rather than coming in first.  She says it's 'icky'.  The PM is such a girly-girl sometimes; 'icky'--how funny.  I think she is that way at home because she has to be tough at work alot.  And in managing the Realm.

Next week she gets an extra day off and that is right around my 13th birthday.  I was about 3 months old when we met in August that year.  So she tries to use Memorial Day to remind her about my big day.  We will see how she plans to celebrate.  Frankly, a bit of chicken or some beef would be enough, along with some extra time outside.

Here's hoping everyone had a good weekend; now let's get over to Simba's and get sailing!


  1. Oh Princess Treasure. We are the same age, my dear. ♥

    So glad your PM is feeling all better and my mommy also rarely tries anything on and gets a big surprise sometimes when she tries things on at home. Jeans she will try on though becaause she likes a close fit (no relaxed for her) and she's short like me. So, she has to be careful.


  2. So happy your PM is feeling better. It's not fun when our oomans are ailing.

  3. Come see my bloggie when you can.

  4. We are pleased to hear the PM is recovering. Your Highness is sooo lucky she gets to go Outside. Outside is a foreign concept to me as we live in the middle of a big city with no Outside except for busy sidewalks and streets.

    The Human does what she can to bring the Outside in (i.e., cat grass, plants, Nip), but of course I yak it up allllll the time. She's not very girly, but she does not appreciate stepping in it in the dark. Heh heh!