Friday, May 27, 2011

Tripping around the blogs

I have been daytripping around all the bloggies, but not always being allowed to comment:

-Admiral, the PM will set out the milk tomorrow night after the brothers are gone....
-Simba, life is better with the humans around!  Did the PM ever tell you she used to have a shorthair ginger tom?
-Spitty, I think you are a softie underneath it all!
-Mario, any plans for the holidays? 
-Dante, I'm glad you got to enjoy your Grandpaw's birthday with him.  Did you help him blow out the candles?
-Here's hoping Harley won't have to wear Daisy's dress!


  1. LOL! Harley would probably wear my dress, except he is too big for the 'sketti straps! He might try to wear it on his head though...

  2. I'll just be busy tending bar at all the Twitter parties this weekend. My peeps will just have to entertain themselves this weekend., he he

  3. I will look for the milk and HRH Treasure's finest hospitality. And that she knows I am ever at the ready to assist her, I remain
    Admiral Hestorb

  4. Good way to handle the blogger commenting problem! How interesting that the PM had a ginger Tom: Rusty who m=came here earlier than me was a shorthair and with a very long body. he lived to be outside and would go nuts if cooped up inside. But it ended up shortening his life. We overlapped for about 3 years and were a Mutt and Jeff pair.