Sunday, May 15, 2011

The world spins out of control!

I am very worried about the PM and some recent events.

On Wednesday, she was caught in a bird-poop backsplash with it landing on her hand.  She thought she had otherwise escaped, only to be told later, there was a big spot of it on her new little shrug she was wearing.  She is still traumatized by this, saying she can't get over feeling dirty.

Later, she went to a small woods that she has been going to for many years.  Dogs are allowed there, but they are supposed to be on leashes and this used to be true.  However, this time, they were all *off leashes*!  And some of them were wet and muddy!  And two of them ran up, almost onto, the PM!

Four of them even had a conference off-leash with all their humans!

When the PM politely pointed out the signs saying dogs must be leashed, the humans laughed at her!

(pacing in anger)

Princess Treasure, accompanied by SAS Ringo


  1. To the PM: My PM knows exactly how you feel!!! And the rudeness of humans apparently knows no bounds! She sends hugs and says she hopes the next time will be a normal pleasant experience. Me, I send purrs to HRH Princess Treasure and purrs to the PM.

  2. SAS Ringo might perhaps scout the area prior to the next setting forth. He is most excellent.

  3. Oh dear! Now a Kitteh, even with purrfectly clean paws, would never dream of going up to a stranger and pouncing..... Uh, never mind.

    I deeply regret the unfortunate incident that happened to the poor P.M. But it's the job of the P.M. to take flak for the Royals, who remain serenely above the fray.

    The canine situation remains precarious here. The Human and I suspect there may be a regular canine visitor to one of the flats in our six-unit building. Further investigation is warranted.

    Purrs and nosetaps to all.

  4. P.S. Also sorry about the bird incident. Somekitty could take care of THAT for the P.M. Perhaps the offender has already met his fate?