Sunday, December 1, 2013

Quiet time

We have been having a quiet fall since the PM's Daddah died.  She has been tired from the trip and there have been complications at fundraising.  So we are all trying to rest and help her feel better.

The PM was able to sit shiva one night when some lovely friends of hers offered to host it; our current annex is too small to hold enough humans to have the service. She was very happy to do this and we are all grateful to her friends who hosted it.

We lit a different menorah this year as things seem more solemn this year.  Normally we light the royal menorah, which is a purple tabby cat with a pink polka-dot bow tie.  This year, we lit a brass one which goes with some brass cranes the PM brought back from her Daddah's house.  Here is a picture:

Those are also Shabbat candles burning with them.  We took this picture on Friday night.
TTYL,  Happy Hannukah, everyone!

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