Sunday, November 10, 2013

So Sad

The PM got a very sad phone call this morning; her Daddy died.  She had to leave almost immediately to drive all the way across country to be with the rest of her family when they pay him the final tributes daddies receive.

Her father had been in the hospital since October 23 and she had been working  with her brothers on helping to plan a nice, peaceful retirement for him at the age of 84.  However, Friday afternoon, he took a turn for the worse and was moved to ICU.  I guess that is something very serious.  I am afraid I do not understand all this kind of human stuff.

The PM has a very good friend from work who will come to check on me while PM is gone.  Her name is Missy Sue and she actually asked if I would like to stay with her and her two kitties while the PM is gone.  Luckily the PM knew better than to try as I have stayed alone in the past very well.  Mommeh just wanted someone to check on me because she does not know how long she will be gone on this trip.

I am thinking of her a lot.  I sent Ringo with her to watch out and protect her.

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  1. I am truly sorry. I know how it is to lose a parent. Mine went too young. I didn't see this until today and I am sorry to be so late offering my sincere condolences.