Saturday, December 21, 2013

Topsy Turvey emotions!

The Mommeh has been having mood swings a lot lately!  They happened according to these events, in this order:

Good news is that she has another fund-raising position doing exactly the same kind of work.

Bad news is that one of her clients dies in a sad way.

Good news is that she is told she gets to move her clients with her and gets to continue working with them.

Good news is that she is cleared of any wrong-doing in the death.

Believe me, she understands that the three good things do not really make up for the bad one in some ways.  But she appreciates the confidence shown in her and we are both happy that the Realm will not suffer much financially.

Mommeh has several days off between the two places and she thinks she will do a lot of things around the annex.  We will see!

We hope all our Christian friends have a Merry Christmas.


  1. I am so glad some GOOD has happened. HRH Princess Treasure, please make your PM comfortable.

  2. It was very good to see you on our blog today! Thank you for coming by to say hello!

    We are furry happy that the PM has procured another j-o-b. My Human says that a realm's economy can really suffer when unemployment occurs so we are pleased for her. It is a sadness that one of her clients died. The Human says life is always a mix of darkness and light and the Humans must muddle through as best they can.

    We kitties are much better equipped for such things, as we do not fret so much, but rather accept the twists and turns of life. XOXOXO