Monday, August 8, 2011

Sir Spitfire's Report

The Big Red Barn was aglow with the setting sun as the party assembled last evening—Sir Spitfire, Simba and Audrey, with The Admiral at the helm, set sail from BoraBora where they’d spent a relaxing day sipping Niptinis on the sandy beach and snacking on tropical sardines. They gladly detoured to collect HRH Princess Treasure and Princess Coco. The Admiral used all her considerable sailing skills to arrive at the BRB in record time. Once disembarked, the small but elegant company made their way immediately to the straw-strewn loft, to recline at their ease and catch up on one another’s latest news. The Admiral gave a status report on her Mommy’s injuries, and then both Princesses regaled the group with tales of the Royal Wedding they’d attended last April. The Admiral and Audrey were all agog to hear the glorious details, but Sir Spitfire and Simba took the opportunity for a brief nap in the warm straw. Soon the games were afoot. The entire party became aware that small creatures were darting through the straw. Simba and Spitty, gentlemen to the very core, hunted enough fresh mouse for several portions per party-goer. That, in addition to the fine picnic prepared and packed by The Princesses, made for an ample and satisfying repast. After dinner, Audrey (enjoying what Sir Spitfire believes to be her first Royal Party) and the Admiral sang a duet of “Cat’s Cradle” and then everykitty enjoyed a few frantic rounds of Hide & Seek in the barn. Finally, the frolic came to satisfying end as the group reformed for a brief purr and cuddle before The Admiral conveyed each guest to his or her residence. Everyone remarked how exciting it had been to escape the supervision of the Humans for an evening, and agreed that as soon as another suitable venue appeared, a repeat gathering should be arranged! Respectfully submitted, Spitty-the-Kitty

(Thank you, Sir Spitfire, for a job exceedingly well done!)

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  1. Oh was a most excellent and accurate report. I had a fabulous time abnd I am hoping that the Princesses will have another gala perhaps in September?