Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Opportunities

Spitty and Simba are right; if we can teleport, wo don't need humans.  Normally I want the PM there to take notes for PR and historical reasons, but this time, no.  We'll just do it ourselves.

So, I understand that dusk is a good time to hunt and commune with other critters as well as ourselves.  So, why don't we meet Thursday evening about 7:30?  Time to get together, say hi and then enjoy the entertainment. 

Sir Spitfire, can you write some notes afterwards?


  1. Can we sail part of the way with Admiral at the helm? The teleport ther rest of the way? Count me and Audrey in.

  2. I'm SO there. Well, I'll do my best in the note-taking department, though I am not nearly so eloquent as the P.M. (but maybe I won't be so discreet either, MOL!)