Friday, August 26, 2011

Emergency! Emergency!

Two in one day!

Monday started like any other day, the PM went off to raise funds like she does.

She came home about the same time, but was very sick.  She said she had been to a human vet emergency room and had gall bladder problems.  She said she bomited in the car it was so bad!  She has to see a human vet about taking out a gall bladder, whatever that is.

Then she bomited again and called an ambulance.  They said I had to be in the bedroom.  I had water and my box there but no foods. 

PM finally came home on Wed evening and doesn't bomit anymore.  She was very worried about me.  But *I* opened the bedroom door and had foods.   

I am trying to lay on the purr therapies, but she says that it hurts too much when I lay on her tummie.  So that means she will recuperate slower than she would otherwise.  She gets tired easily but hurts too much to sleep enough sometimes.

Even though all that happened, she said she feels better than before seeing the vet for her gall bladder removal.

Woh!  I don't want any more emergencies.


  1. I would give a great deal if I were there to help, Treasure. And more importantly, my mommy wishes she were near enough to be of a help.

    Purrs and warm hugs and love to the both of you.

  2. So sorry PM had to go through this, and you too! Purring for a speedy recovery. Hope the hurricane leaves you OK.

  3. Oh dear me! That is a horrifying story! We will purr and purray for her--and YOU!

    My Human hazzes the empathy. Long long ago (in 1996) she losted her gall bladder to some people who cutted her open a little bit and sucked it right owt. She says she felt waaaaaay better after it was over, but I think it sounds horbibble!

    You can't purr ON her, but you can purr NEXT to her!