Monday, August 29, 2011


So the PM, aka "The Mommeh" is doing better.  She got in a lot of good sleeps on Saturday night and then all day and night on Sunday.  She still wakes up alot a odd times, but does not need constant supervision any more.  The 4 cuts on her belleh where they sucked out the gall bladder are healing and she does not have to stop herself from yelling if I accidentally land on that side of her stomach.

She is doing so much better that I gave her an unmutilated sparrow I found last night.  She actually got me some smelly goodness and took it out for 'burial' in the dumpster.

I had hoped to have another gala in September, as the Admiral suggested, but am afraid that the PM's medical leave may be too long to allow us to arrange that.  Perhaps someone else would be willing to coordinate an event?

My google account login is messed up, so I can't comment everywhere.  Daisy, your daisy straw hat is to die for!  Dante, what munificence you showed in ignoring the taunts! Mario, your heart is as big as ever!  Queen and Admiral, thank you deeply for your offers of assistance!  And, Spitty, you have more empathy than you let on, my loyal little knight!


  1. We are glad to know that the Mommeh is recuperating. Purrs that she wil continue to improve. Brilliant re the sparrow!

    We will adjust our setting for comments so it is easier to comment without having to log in.

  2. It is with great relief that I read this bulletin regarding the PM's improving status. The Human wishes me assure her that soon she will be feeling much happier and she also wants the PM to know she will never miss the silly organ.

    The Human has recently returned to work after a summer spent lollygagging about so is not quite up to a major event just yet, but perhaps in a bit we can plan something festive--perhaps for Halloween? I mean, a Black Cat has to celebrate his best holiday!