Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Wondrous Day

Today is a day that will be remembered throughout the history of the Realm.

The PM has struggled with fund raising for the Realm for many years and it had become quite a stressful, anxiety-filled experience for her.  The situation has become worse and worse and worse over time.  I think she was getting scared at times that she would not be able to take care of Me.

However, over the past month, Knight Errant Sir Honder and his damsel, the Lady Jenn, have been helping the PM by taking temporary control of financial managment/fund-raising.  They have already helped quite a bit and will be continuing to help the PM for a while longer.

The PM has been very happy and increasingly relaxed.  Yesterday, the most important thing happened when they helped her find a replacement automobile with which to conduct business.  It costs less than the old automobile and will cost less to run as well.  She likes it a lot.  She says it is 'fully loaded, with a sunroof and remote starter'. 

She is also feeling better because she has again been able to sleep better with the help of a machine she has not been using recently.

So we are celebrating in the Realm today; runners with Mouse Pops will be sent to all allies and citizens.

And, Admiral and Crew, thank you for the lovely ride you provided to Princess Coco and myself.  It was a beautiful night to be on the river.

--Princess Treasure


  1. You are most welcome Princess Treasure. Always at your service.

    Give our most moist nose taps to your PM and our true hope that all things continue to be positive. Xoxox

  2. These are very good news items, Princess Treasure. Financial stability and good transport are keys to happiness.

    Twas a good time sailing, wasn't it?

  3. Woohoo - Great news all around.

  4. This is excellent news! The Mouse Pop was delicious!

    Glad things are progressing apace in the Realm :-)