Saturday, July 9, 2011

Final Firefly Count

The results are finally in!  Such a close hunt, it took Buddy Bunny and his team quite a while to ensure all entries were accurately recorded and results tallied.

Tied for first place are Dante and Sir Spitfire with 22 fireflies each.  Congratulations!

Second place went to Admiral Hestorb with 19, third place was Simba with 18.  Rumor has it he  may have done better had he not been distracted by the alluring presence of the Queen Miss Catt.

A special award for Most Creative Use of Fireflies was awarded to Daisy, who fashioned tiaras for the ladies.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for a memorable evening!

Blinky Peppertoes,
Public Relations
Realm of Capitol Drive


  1. Ah, yes, I think you are right.
    Daisy's tiaras were just amazing!

  2. that was fun. I'm just grateful I even placed. I leap high to snag the fire flies but my legs are short, MOL.

  3. Daisy was mad at me, though, cause I kept eating mine, MOL!!!

  4. Wow! Dante is thrilled with the win -- even if it is a tie.

    Likely Dante's PURRowess is due to his great size. When he stands on his toes he can reach very high indeed, which is a good thing because he's not so good at jumping.

    Thanks for a great time!