Friday, July 1, 2011


How about a picnic Wednesday night after the American Humans are done celebrating whatever it is that they will be celebrating?

We'll have the picnic at 5, the talent show after that and then a nice firefly count to top off the evening.

Heron Express will pick up whoever needs a ride--including you, Admiral, if you wish.

I want to make some more friends.  So I hope that in addition to the regulars, that Dante and Mr. Puddy will come.  Also, Simba, will you invite Audrey?  I also hope that Daisy and Harley will.  Maybe Harley could be the court jester/emcee for the night?  All the regulars are free to invite others; the more, more the merrier


  1. I'll be there. Sounds like fun.

  2. Oh hurray! I am so glad it is on Wednesday because the Human is going away tomorrow morning and abandoning me until NEXT TUESDAY. Can you imagine such an outrage?

    Anyway, I'll be there for sure!

  3. Harley and I would love to come! Harley will bring his wieners and buns!

  4. Yes, I will be there and I will invite Audrey too, though she is being a bit of a pain today. I really DO hope the Admiral will make it. She needs a bit of a diversion.

  5. Dante's on his way! He has to come from Canada, you know, so it takes a little longer.
    Fireflies -- he loves them! Tasty!

  6. I'm on my way--I'm a little tardy because the Human is SO very forgetful but she sent me packing a few minutes ago. I have a little basket full of Gerber's and half and half to share, and I've worked up a little magic act for after dinner!