Monday, July 25, 2011

An interesting (and big) barn

When the PM and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo were on their expedition to renew our alliance with the cranes, they saw many interesting things.  One was this barn; the PM liked the roof and Ringo thought it would be great for a rest stop or safe house during intelligence gathering missions.

It looks even bigger from the other side:

I bet there's lots of nice nooks and crannies and little friends to play with.  Too bad you need to ride in an *automobile* to see it....


  1. Quite an interesting barn. Not the usual look - no silo.

  2. Well, the HUMANS may need an automobile, but I don't see why we can't all teleport over and check it out. In the loft, say on Saturday?

  3. Well, I checked it out but there was no action! Darn--I guess we'll have to reschedule, Kitties!