Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Talent Show

After a wonderful picnic full of treats and delights continuously provided by the chef and his staff, a short nap was in order. Admiral Hestorb and Sir Spitfire groomed furs, Simba and Queen Miss Catt delicately shared nosetaps while being chaperoned by Audrey.  Dante and Daisy joined Princesses Coco and Treasure while Mario and Harley scampered about touring the courtyard chasing interesting scents.

Finally HRH gave the signal for the show to begin and Harley bounded to the stage to kick off the show.  His opening dialogue included ironic political satire about weiners and buns and humorous commentary on training gerbils.  Sir Spitfire offered a magic trick that dazzled the eyes; all eyewitness account differ as to what happened and it is hoped he may provide a slow-motion or written account of what he did and possible an explanation of the trick to see if others can replicate it.  Princess Coco danced a solo figure 8 minuet choreographed by the famous Diva Dina.  Mario and Daisy serenaded the audience with the ever-popular 'Nip for Two' followed by 'My Blanky tis to Me'. 

Simba could not be torn from Queen Miss Catt's side during this time, exhibiting the gallantry for which he has become so well-known.  Dante, representing Canada, remained by Princess Treasure's side in a diplomatic manner.

Details and results of the firefly count to be announced tomorrow.


  1. oh! what a gala! i loved every minute and all the preparation put into this talent show was evident.

  2. GasP! I missed it. My dang ooman forgot all about it and got busy with other "stuff." I am so mad at her for making me miss out on such a nice picnic and talent show. Boy, she owes me big time now!

  3. Well, a magician NEVER shares ALL his secrets, but I will tell that it involved a wrench, a bottle of Jack Daniels and an old pair of my Human's shoelaces.

    I don't like to brag, but it really was kind of spectacular, wasn't it? ;-)

  4. Yes, it was very spectacular, Sir Spitfire. A very worthy and enjoyable event! Queen Miss Catt was a delight, of course.

  5. I love each and single word of this:)