Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picnic Tonight!

This is Frannie Floof interviewing Princess Coco the Most Adorable about Capital Drive's festivities tonight.  Princess, how are all the guests coming to the picnic?

PC:  Most of us came by Heron Express, my favorite naturally, since they provided my transportation for the adoption ceremony. 
I came with Admiral Hestorb, her human, and Queen Miss Catt.  Simba, Audrey, Daisy and Harley came together.  Sir Spitfire has called to tell us he had a slight delay in takeoff but expects to be here momentarily.  Mario took the Heron taxi here as he lives fairly close.  Dante caught the Express and is just coming into sight....his landing will be very soon.

FF:  And what is on the schedule for tonight?

PC:  The picnic is first.  Princess Treasure is serving the mouse tarts with sausage gravy she is famous for along with hummingbird pickles and catnip tarts.  Sir Spitfire is bringing Gerbers and half-and-half.  Sweet pea salad will also be provided, one of Treasure's favorites.  Then we will have the talent show; Harley has agreed to emcee that.  Sir Spitfire has prepared a magic act.   I am going to do a solo figure 8 minuet.  Mario is going to seranade us with "Nip for Two".    We are unsure what the rest will do.  After that is the firefly count with the Tuna Can trophy going to the feline earning the highest points.   Buddy Bunny has agreed to tally the catches and declare the winner.

FF:  And is the talent show a competition?

PC:  No, not this time. The tournament provides adequate competition in regards to skills.  And there is the firefly count to satisfy the need to become alpha cat.

FF:  It looks like Dante has arrived.

PC:  Isn't he regal?  And a fine ambassador from Canada.  And there is Sir Spitfire dropping off his bag of goodies at the picnic table;  the guests are starting to line up already, as Treasure is known for her hospitality.

FF:  I understand that Admiral Hestorb's human came with her tonight, which is highly unusual.

PC:  Yes, she has been having a difficult time of it.  It was thought that the chance to visit with PM Neora and observe the festivities would brighten her day, as well as give the Admiral the night off.  Oh, look!  Simba has found his way to Queen Miss Catt and they are exchanging nose taps; he is also introducing his sister Audrey to her.  And the Queen has invited them to sit with her! 

FF:  Princess, thank you for your word.  We'll recap the talent show in  a short time./


  1. Audrey and I are so happy to be here. What a delightful evening, such perfect weather for a picnic and a show, and Queen Miss Catt is really being most gracious to include Audrey at their first meeting.

  2. i, as queen miss catt's pm am most grateful to have been included. we had a gala evening. the beauty of the participants and the sheer excess of talent demonstrated distracted me from my own concerns. it was a lovely evening.

  3. I had a wonderful evening, even though I was just a tad tardy. The Admiral made me walk the plank, just a little, for that.

    The weather was delightful and the treats--well, what can I say? Mouse tart is my favorite. I'm afraid I made quite a little pig of myself.

    Thanks for the wonderful summer night!