Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still down for the count.

The PM continues to be sick after going to the human v-e-t and 'finishing a course of antibiotics'....although, what are wrong with biotics?

Anyway,  she works and sleeps.  I cuddle and purr.


  1. OH...Mommy and I did not realize the PM was sick. We will..I will join you in purring for her, Princess.

  2. Oh, my, Your Highness--that is terrible!

    May the royal healers lavish their powers upon her and return her to purrfect condition soon.

    My faithful teddy and I send all encouragement, hopes, and positive vibes on the PM's behalf.

    And additional cuddles and purrs.

    My respects and affection are tendered herewith, and those of the aforementioned teddy, as well.

    *Bows with respect and fondness*

  3. Oh dear, hope PM feels better soon. Thanks for the comment by the way. :-)

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear the PM continues to be unwell! You'll have to put in extra time cuddling her and purring really hard. That will help more than Auntie Biottik, I am sure. I will purr Knightly purrs also!