Saturday, February 5, 2011

For Immediate Release

Spitty of the SanFran outpost (also known as the end of the known world) became Sir Spitfire at an tasteful,yet quiet ceremony on Sunday night.

Arrangements for the ceremony location were effectively handled by his servant, the human, who provided the appropriate picture window for the final test.  La Diviana, of the luxurious, black head furs, presided as proxy for the Princess.

Spitfire performed admirably, vowing to give up play and baths as needed by the realm and pledged undying fealty to the realm. 

At the final test, to ensure his heart was true and worthy, his swordtip was placed on his forehead.  The entire length of the sword continued to glow a rich, ruby red, testifying to his worthiness.  La Diviana later stated, 'In as many times as I have served the world of felines, I have never seen a sword lit up the entire length of the blade.  This bodes well for Sir Spitfire's career.'

As the ceremony ended, Sir Spitfire was presented with a gift from the Princess, a red leather swordbelt with silver embroidery.  May he wear it in good health.

Upon receipt of La Diviana's report, proclamations were made throughout the land and giblet tots were served to the citizenry.


  1. Oh how exciting and how worthy a Knight he already is. His heart is worthy and good.

  2. Oh, this was so exciting to read! I am eager to perform my duties well. It is going to be a little difficult to do a lot of on-the-scene reporting as I am an indoor kitteh, but I will do my very best to keep abreast of the current news & use my powers of teleportation when needed.

  3. Yes, HRH Princess Treasure. I hope you had extra treats and snuggles for Valentines day!