Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ringo Returns

Your Most Royal Highness, the Princess Treasure,

I am pleased to report that the preparations for the adoption ceremony proceed surely.

Recently, a security summit was held with General Boopsie Bear, Ambassador Blackjack and other invited individuals.  It was determined that the Most Adorable Princess Coco should travel in caravan from her governorship to The Realm's castle, wherein the adoption ceremony will take place.

A plan has been worked out which all believe will allow You to meet her safely at the border of Happylands  and the realm in order to accompany her on the final leg of her journey.  UPS will conduct aireal surveillance of the proceedings while the Clan Ringer will provide ground security.  It is not safe to report all details to you at this time, they will be conveyed verbally at the next meeting of the Security Council.

The following message was conveyed by Ambassador Blackjack from MAP Coco:

'Your Royal Highness,

'The honor you bestow on me by offering to make me Your Heir continues to overwhelm me with joy.  It is not often that one as young as myself is considered able enough to assume management of a new realm (or two, if one counts the Queen Bea's) at the snap of a finger.  I hope such a day will be long in coming, although I delight in meeting you as soon as possible.

'Queen Miss Catt has kindly taken me under her wing to prepare for the adoption ceremony; her secretary of protocol anxiously awaits communications so that they can help me prepare appropriately for the journey.  For example, with climate changes, should one bring the mouse stole or the vole coat?

'But most of all, I respectfully offer all good wishes for the success of our upcoming trips.

'Yours most affectionately,



  1. What a pleasure to read. Princess Coco has been well versed in the art of protocol and will serve the Realm with grace and honor.

    My PM told the Princess Coco that probably the vole coat might be more fitting as the Ceremony may take place later when the winds are chill. But myself, Queen Miss Catt and the Princess Coco and all purrsonnel here, will rely upon word from the Realm of Capitol Drive for our advice.

    Sending Our warmest regard and best wishes in return, I am:

    Queen Miss Catt

  2. Hmm. I am just a clueless boy with no royal blood at all. We are trying to figure out what is going on here! It sounds like someone might be getting 'dopted? That's always a good thing so we will be happy!