Monday, November 1, 2010

I love my mama (AKA the Prime Minister)


  1. Of course you do, Princess Treasure. And I know you take great pains to care for her.

  2. What a sweetie and I know she does too.

  3. You look very happy. I guess I harbor some affection for my Human, but I most certainly would not use the word "love."

  4. How beautiful you are!

    I have come to pay my respects, Your Highness, having left Spaces for this new place, and wish to renew friendly ties with you.

    As ever, your friend,

    Ted E. Bear

    (My human being, Margaret, will be along soon to renew ties, as well.)

  5. Your photograph is indeed flattering, Your Highness!

    I, too, have come to re-establish ties with you and to offer admiration and support of you and your benevolence.

    I offer respects and greatest admiration.

  6. beautiful friend you have here..
    looks like your very much loved indeed