Monday, November 1, 2010

Diary entry: Secretary of Protocol

Alas!  It has been so busy since the Most Adorable Princess Coco accepted the Princess' offer of adoption.  Not that everyone is not excited, but these state affairs require so much preparation!

We understand that Princess Coco's innate beauty is greatly enhanced by the opalescent moonstone collar and that she pouts whenever she is asked to remove it.  What a feminine little girl!

Currently Princess Treasure wishes to meet Coco at the border of Happylands and Hereafter.  General Boopsie Bear has been called out of retirement to handle all security arrangements.  The General, Ringo and Ambassador Blackjack confer around the clock as security reports arise.  Keeping the kitchen informed of appropriate menus and tablesettings for such a masculine crew is a chore.

HRH is almost dithering with her excitement about the upcoming adoption proceedings, trying on first one collar and another.  She  has sent a runner (Buddy Bunny) with the exciting information to Queen Bea.  I remember clearly how lackadaisical the Queen could be and it has apparently become worse since she retired.  It looks as if Coco will have to travel to Richlands to meet the Queen and get her blessing.  Sigh.

Treasure has decided to be carried on her peridot pillow to green Coco.  She thinks it brings her eyes out to the greatest advantage.  This is probably true; it also photographs well.

To celebrate the festive occasion, a census is to be taken of the realm.  As all gather at their city squares, the proclamation of adoption will be read.  As soon as both Treasure and Coco have fixed their pawmarks to the adoption papers, and they have been witnessed by the Prime Ministers, already positioned staff from UPS (Upwind Peregrine Sails) will drop pussy willow blossoms on the crowds.  That will be a signal for mousepops and and vole's hearts to be distributed to all with contests of feats of strength and beauty afterwards.  The changes of dress alone!  Sigh....


  1. My are quite right..the many changes of dress and all of the protocol that must be followed and in some cases, one must refresh ones memory to the protocol involved as it has been some time since such a joyous occasion has occurred. It is a happy labor however.

    The Peridot Pillow is ideal for being carried upon. Who shall be the bearer(s). The PM perhaps?

    We all of us are hoping for a photo of HRH Princess Treasure on her Pillow as soon as is feasible.

    Much good fortune and happy journeying to Buddy Bunny, Official Runner to Queen Bea (Ret.)

    We shall eagerly await further news.

    Queen Miss Catt via PM

  2. Oh, my; that sounds very complicated. Adoption is a very importnt thing and sometimes it is observed in very important ways.

    In the world of teddy bears, things are a little simpler because teddy bears are simpler things themselves: my little brotherbear Muddy was adopted by our friend Steve, and it required only a request from Muddy and acceptance by Steve.

    We celebrated with lots of hugs.

    I hope the celebration for Princess Coco's adoption is beautiful and the day sunny and warm!

    Your friend,

    Ted. E. Bear