Monday, November 15, 2010

Maybe on Monday

MondayI promised to see all of you on Sunday; it is the PM's fault I didn't.  Rather than choosing to fulfill one of her duties as Chronicler of The Realm, she actually 'took the weekend off'.

First she went to breakfast with some friends from work and then to get the annual cookie cookbook from A Big Business in Town.  Then they went to a church rummage sale.  Then she and one other person went to a surpuss store for menorah-making supplies.  (This is after she came home with a bag of stuff from a resale shop Friday after work. 

Then she slept the rest of the day.

Then she lazed around Sunday morning.  That was OK 'cuz we dozed in the sunlight.  Then she 'picked up some' and then went swimming.

She was gone a long time, because someone 'tried to take over her lane' so she swam more just to show thim that she's not just a menopausal ole woman.  She swam a mile again.

Then she went to dinner.

"Maybe on Monday", she said.

Then she slept some more.

Maybe she does need a vacation.


  1. You have expectations, Princess..and they must be met after this brief vacation. And have you news of Princess Coco?

  2. Perhaps a special dispensation is required, Your Highness, and I realize I may be presumptuous in suggesting it.

    If the Chronicler of The Realm is fatigued, then it may be that her brain needs a rest.
    Might you consider a brief therapeutic stay for your Royal Journaler on some balmy tropical isle--you know, long stretches of warm, sandy beaches, the sound of the ocean lapping the shore, fancy drinks served in pineapple shells with little umbrellas in them..?

    Just a suggestion of course.

    My respects, Most Gracious Princess.