Monday, September 12, 2011

Topsy turvy, inside out and upside down

That's how life has been feeling the past month or so; first the PM is tired and sick. Then she abandons me to have surgery. Then she is home every day. Almost too much. And exhausted me with nursing duties.

Well, now she feels better. Do I get any extra adoration? Does she pick up the reins of the kingdom? Noooooooooooooo....she goes on a photography expedition, gets lost and runs out of gas! How do you like that? Then after getting home late that day, she does laundry and grocery shopping the next day.

And tonight she is going to a meeting about forming a Jewish artist's group......hmmmmmmm........


  1. Princess! A stop to that must be enacted right away! To what you ask..making sure of my meaning? To the extra scritches and lovins and snuggles that you have worked so hard for in your untiring duty when she was sick.

  2. In the name of Ceiling Cat, I command you....

    Try starting your sentences with that, Princess, and let me know if it works.