Friday, September 16, 2011

This and that

So, things are getting back to normal around here; the PM goes out and fundraises during the day and sometimes does something after work before coming home. She's been doing a lot of artwork, but laid off of it the last two nights as she was feeling tired from leg pain. She says the pain is going away, though. But, we did get in some good cuddles while she hurt and I know that helped her feel better.

Now, I cannot say that artmaking does not disturb my routine, but it makes the PM so happy that I make exceptions for this activity. What is more disturbing are her photography expeditions; this last time on Saturday, she ran out of gas and had to be 'rescued' by a sheriff's deputy, who helped her get more. The PM states she has learned her lesson about keeping the royal carriage filled with fuel because she has learned her lesson. I hope this is true.

The PM is also doing some redecoration and hopes to be able to get the castle better cleaned and organized. She saw a picture of a bunch of flowers on an old magazine cover; pink flowers with limes. She liked the colors so much and thought they would be a nice, cheerful way to brighten up mornings. She went shopping at Targe't last night and found a lime green shower curtain for $4, which she said is a great deal. She also bought some 'nifty' shower curtain hooks that are easy to get on the rod and will nicely separate the curtain liner from the curtain, helping the curtain stay nicer. She has the rest of her ideas firmly in mind.

She also got new bed pillows with pillow protectors and a comforter to make into a sofa cover/blankie for the living room. The comforter is rose. She had seen a color palette in an art magazine of rose, cream and brown. She liked the combo and has cream walls with varigated brown/beige carpet, so realized it would not take much to acheive this effect. Maybe a new area rug and then some accessories she makes herself and she says she will be a happy little camper.

I've learned that what makes her happy helps me feel happier, so I just kind of overlook all this and enjoy the result.

And, Spitty, yes, I do like my crackers plain; I eat melty cheese off pizza instead.

Admiral, I have a hard time commenting on your blog. The PM says she can only do that when the 'name/url' option is available and it is not on your post. However, I am glad it sounds like life is getting back to normal for you and your Mommeh. I am happy for you.

Mario, where have you been?


  1. Princess! So good to hear from you and the PM. My Human is a redecorator, too. She figures that spending a little money occasionally on making our own "castle" a little spiffier pays off ten-fold in improving her state of mind. A few dollars for a new shower curtain or whatever is definitely money well-spent! Glad you are all perking along over there.

    I'm having a lot of trouble posting to your blog--it says it does not recognize the email associated with my blog--but it's the same as always? Hmmm. I'll try this instead???

  2. I changed to the pop up because several could not post otherwise. Strange. Now you can't because of it. SO glad for the shout out though. I miss when I can't hear fro you.

  3. It's wonderful to have such a creative Mommy! And if it keeps her happy, then you will be the one to benefit!

    It's always nice to spruce up your environment now and then -- good for the morale.