Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Admirable Admiral

is sick and at the V-E-T's. We are so sorry to hear that our beloved and faithful ally, Hestorb, is under the weather and has needed inpatient treatment. It is no fun and definitely undignified. We have paws, fingers and wings crossed for her here in the Realm and look forward to seeing her return to her sassy ways.


  1. It is such good news she is home. We were very worried and sad for her Mom. Now we have to cross paws that she can stay well.

  2. Yes, we just visited the Admiral's blog and it seems everything is back to normal, and we, too, hope it stays that way.

    Thanks for visiting Dante.

  3. Thank you so much Princess Treasure. Much love and resoect to you and I am better for now ans much happier now that the v-e-t was able to medicate me the way I needed. xoxoxo