Saturday, September 3, 2011

slowly back to normal

The PM saw her surgeon yesterday and can return to work on Tuesday with no restrictions. She is happy about that because this episode may have cost her most, if not all, of her paid time off and she doesn't want to stress the treasury if she can.

Spitty, that was a very good idea and I did try to do that. Additionally, as the PM feels better, I have been able to resume more of my normal perambulations. I've been outside to check out the courtyard, for example, and have been catching up on my napping.

The PM has been doing some more artwork and, as soon as she replaces the battery in her camera, will start posting some of it to her new blog, 'Glorious Light', which will focus on that.


  1. I a SO glad all is returning to normal now, PM. are a wonderful benevolent Princess to have helped your PM so much.

  2. So happy to hear you are getting better. Normal feeling is good. Hope you didn't lose as many days as you think.

  3. Hello Princess, You have been a furry, furry GOOD kitteh and deserve to be richly rewarded. Now I know the treasury may be a bit strained, but when the PM is out and about again, I think you deserve a little treat, eh?

    Glad to hear the PM is almost back to normal. After all, WE know who should really be serving whom, don't we?

  4. Spitty, we may have to take Treasure on a cruise before long when my monmy can cope well again.