Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sir Spitfire Joins the Realm

After receiving word that outpost SanFran was ready for Knight Candidate Spitfire to be knighted, word was sent through UPS to La Diviana.

After preparation, she journeyed arduously to SanFran.  She was welcomed warmly by Spitfire's aide, who provided her a private area to gather her thoughts.

At the appointed time, 22 minutes before sunset, La Diviana raised the sword and, in unfelinaric, summoned Spitfire to her. 

Placing himself the appropriate 25 paces in front of her, he was also ready (though anxious) to demonstrate his mettle and worthiness for the position.  Spitfire had learned a lot in recent weeks; that much was expected of a Knight; he must be able to brave a Forest of Legs in search of information needed by the Realm, he must be willing to temper his enthusiasm to test the accoutrements of his new position on hapless, yet helpful humans and, most of all, the Realm comes before any individual.

Being a feral kitty, Spitfire had been a 'loner' most of his life.  He had not benefited from association with other felines in the past.  But now, he had the Admiral, her twin Queen Miss Catt and the Princess in his life.  Soon the Most Adorable Princess Coco would be part of this group.  Sergeant Scruffy, SAS Ringo and General Boopsie Bear also provided support of a different sort, as did all the humans.  Spitty realized how empty his life had been before, unaccountable to anyone.

He listened attentively to the re-telling of the Ancient Days, when humans and cats first joined together against the evil dogs.  He realized how honorable the association between humans and cats had always been.

"Spitfire, are you ready to sacrifice play for the Realm and the Princess when needed?"

       "I...I....I am."

"Spitfire, will you forgo bathing if needed while travelling for the Realm and the Princess?"

      Spitty thought of how much he loved bathing.  Then he thought of how much he loved having friends and family.  No contest.

     "I will."

"Spitfire, will you pledge undying loyalty to the Realm, to the Princess and to her successors?"

     "I do."

"Note the sword, Spitfire.  It cuts, yet it also shines.  (At this point, the last rays of the sun lit the blade, causing a blaze in the room.)  It shines through the past to test the heart of felines everywhere.  Please approach for the final test."

Spitty advanced 20 paces, as his instructions had directed.  La Diviana, a beautiful member of her species, with thick, luxuriant black head furs, lowered the tip of the sword to his forehead.  The sword flashed a rosy red.  Spitty realized this had been the last test; if his heart had not been true and worthy, the sword would not have maintained its illumination.

"By the laws of the Realm, and in proxy for HRH The PRincess Treasure I pronounce you Sir Spitfire, Knight of the Realm of Capitol Drive.  May you serve with honor and distinction all the days of your life."   She raised the sword and, beckoning Spitfire approach, placed the plumed hat on his head.  She presented him with the cape and mask and he donned them.  She then turned again, found another package in her bag and laid it in front of him.  He opened it and found a special surprise from the Princess; a silver-embroidered, red leather belt in which to carry his sword on duty.

Knight Spitfire knew his days as a loner were over.  He had found his heart's home.  He knew his outpost would be as faithful as any other embassy of Capitol Drive.


  1. Oh, BREATHTAKING~! Sir Spitfire, you are so brave and true and so filled with valor.

  2. Well, I can't take total credit you know. There are at least 100 generations of Feral Fierceness running through my veins...hmm, well maybe not exactly fierceness, maybe a little more like whatever ran through my distant cousin the Cowardly Lion?

    But I digress. It was **quite** the ceremony and I am honored to be part of this secret society. Purrs & headbutts.