Saturday, January 29, 2011

PM and I are upset!

The PM has just informed me that all the blogs we have been following have been wiped out of our 'following' list.  How will I keep informed about all the loveable creatures I've found here?



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  2. * bows with respect*

    I offer my most heartfelt sympathy and regret for the incovenience and distress tou suffer, Your Highness.

    Might you consider a small suggestion? Have you considered creating a list of your own and naming it appropriately? I created My Friends' Blogs for that purpose and add the URLs of new blogs I discover as I find them. Because people were "following" my blog and never visiting, I hid the official Followers list. The sites I list on my page now are those with whom I maintain lurkers.

    Perhaps this might help.

    May your distress lessen and happiness return to the realm soon.

    I remain, as ever,

    Your friend and faithful subject.

    (A certain scruffy old bear sends his respects and continued affection.)