Sunday, January 16, 2011


We have been waiting to hear Candidate Knight Spitfire's corrective plan to avoid unauthorized human bloodshet and a piece of state secret received while enduring the Forest of Legs.

At long last, we have received the intelligence from Spitfire; he notes that he was abashed when he realized that humans are not to be practiced on.  He also states he will only use the sword when authorized by Ringo and/or Sargeant Scruffy.

We are satisfied with this and have decided to allow Spitfire to keep his sword as long as there are  no more problems.  We also want to let him know that he can practice on nefarious dogs at any time he wishes. 

One reason for the delay in knighting Spitfire was that the UPS messaging system was down; information needed to be transmitted by Buddy Bunny and his network of those who have abandoned any sense of civility or patience with those who ally with dogs.  Since Buddy Bunny's network is land based rather than air based (like Upwind Perigrine Sails), it is logical there was a delay in receiving word from Spitfire.

In a most startling piece of information, Spitfire informs us that a *dog park* is to be set up on the eastern border of San Fran.   Since we learned the dangers of dog gatherings eons ago, we are most startled to hear this news.  We believe that dogs should be kept in kennels or leashes at all times, if they are to be allowed to survive at all.  The Security Council will be pondering this in the days ahead.

Due to the urgency implied in this information, we hereby request of La Diviana that she knight Spitfire this evening so that he can begin gathering information on a regular basis.  He has proved his abilities and good faith with the Princess,


  1. I am delighted to learn of this coming event. May La Diviana knight Spitfire as soon as possible so that we may all be well apprised of the dangers.

  2. OH NOES! My Human has been UNFORGIVABLY lax in keeping up with MY blog (and her duties thereto). She pleads exhaustion after 10-12 hour workdays. I say NONSENSE. NO EXCUSES!!!!

    I fear I missed my ceremony. Can there be allowances made in the case of irresponsible Humans?

    Oh PLEEEEEEEEEASE, Princess???

  3. Oh, I was sooo relieved to know I have not lost my chance at knighthood! I will keep my eye on the dog developments hereabouts and report back soon.