Monday, December 13, 2010

Plans proceed--HRH's diary entry

We finally got some serious work done on the adoption this weekend.

A messenger had been sent to the Queen Bea, Emeritus, informing her of the upcoming ceremonies, and We received her reply stating that she will be unable to attend or to receive visitors due to increasing infirmities.  We are so sorry to hear that, but understand that she has fought her miseries for a long time. 

Upon receiving that information, We are able to schedule the adoption ceremony for the spring equinox.  We hope the winter will be mild enough to make this possible.  It will be a long treck for Our Coco and We do not want to add to the risk by scheduling her journey during bad weather.

It appears the Queen Miss Catt is being most helpful to the Princess.  She is purrfectly right in suggesting, for example, that Coco may be most comfortable in the vole coat.

The Royal Chef has begun planning the menu and We will be able to begin reviewing those shortly.

On a timelier note, We have so enjoyed Hannah's visit.  She made the viewing of the Hannukah candles cozier just be being in the PM's lap for cuddling.  She will have to leave soon, so We are planning special treats over the next few days so that she will be inclined to visit again in the future.


  1. How exciting. Queen Miss Catt thinks that is a purrfect time in which to travel. There will be plentiful food along the way as well..all the prey will be skittering along the pathways. Good hunting for certain.

    We are quite interested in what the Royal Chef is planning for the repast and certainly Queen Miss Catt will be bringing gifts and perhaps a special dish may be one of them. One of her most favored dishes is Creamed rodent Tails and Feet. We may only hope she will bring some or at least a plan for its preparation.

    Meanwhile, pleasant plans are being made and much smiling anticipation is seen.

    PM for Queen, Miss Catt

  2. Oh my Cod, your life is SO much more exciting and exotic than mine! I have to come read your posts more often because I think I want to join your realm, especially if the Admiral is here ;-)

  3. Such civility and care for the individuals of importance in your life, Your Highness--truly they are qualities only a true royal may possess.

    My respects.