Monday, December 20, 2010

Copy of Invitation

Dear Candidate Knight Spitfire:

It is with great pleasure that We invite you to become a Knight of the Realm of Capital Drive.

If you accept Our offer, you will be a member of Our Security Council, privy to all State Secrets commanding The Council's attention.  You will become a trusted advisor and your advice will be considered in all matters.

While your primary duties will include the gathering and transmission of information from your outpost to The Castle, you may also participate in some expeditions for The Realm.  Your cautious nature will be of great help here.

Naturally, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo and General Boopsie Bear will be in charge of your training, in addition to consultation with our Esteemed Agent Ambassador Blackjack commanded by Admiral Hestorb.

The rewards will be many,the trials few.  If you accept this Grand Offer, please signify with a handwritten oath of allegiance.

/s/ Her Royal Highness Princess Treasure.


  1. Princess, My heart is all aflutter! Of course I pledge undying loyalty to you and The Queen. I stand ready to send reports from my outpost (in stormy San Francisco) directly to SAS Ringo and General BB on whatever state secrets I happen to run across out here on the edge of the continent. Will I be receiving a cape and a sword?
    Spitfire (aka Spitty-the-Kitty)

  2. How exciting to have such a stalwart and intrepid feline putting his knowledge to use for the realm. Sir Spitfire, Knight of the Realm. I feel the excitement here in the mountains.