Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a weekend!

Lots of stuff happened that I did not expect or plan.  After laying around Shabbat morning, as we usually do, the Prime Minister and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo announced they needed to reconnoiter in Happylands in order to ensure that the borders were secure and to maintain alliances.  They were gone all afternoon and evening.  When they returned, they assured me all was well; perhaps I will publish their reports when they are written.

The Prime Minister has been talking about getting rid of stuff, but  never gets a roundtoit.  (If you have one, let me know.  I think it could help keep the PM moving and the treasury can bear the cost.) She got rid of two armchairs, two throw pillows, a 30 gallon garbage bag of recyclables (mostly papers), another 30 gallon garbage bag of trash and a bag of clothes!  All of this was just in the royal parlor!  She also wiped down most of the hard surfaces!  There are still books to get rid of, but now I can actually stretch out on the floor in the sunshine.  It was pretty amazing.

The PM is happy that she has room to bring in her two plants now before it gets too cold for them.  She wants to put the small one in 'terrarium' so that I 'can't get to it'.  Hmmm.

The PM has been crocheting and refusing my offers of help. (After all, I do have ten handy little hooks!)  But I had to translate the instructions for her.


  1. Oh my, Your Royal Highness! You look so beautiful today. How kind of you to offer to help her knit. I think she should say yes to that offer right away. With ten hooks, you could have anything done in ten times the time.

    We are looking forward to reading any reports should they become available.

    My PM has just returned me from a visit to my Royal Doctor. I sang many Klingon war songs from the moment she scooped me up till I came home. I am now in residence under the bed.

  2. Thought I would have my PM report that I am fit as a fiddle and will stay that way for another 4 weeks. Then...more Opera singing as I am transported to my Dr. again.